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  • Serving Christchurch for over 50 years

    Serving Christchurch for over 50 years

  • Registered Master Plumbers, fully guaranteed workmanship

    Registered Master Plumbers, fully guaranteed workmanship

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting specialist

    Maintenance and troubleshooting specialist

  • Friendly qualified staff

    Friendly qualified staff



M J Robertson Plumbers are working as per normal under level 2.

We have Health & Safety plans in place to protect yourselves and our Plumbers, this includes full body suits, gloves, masks, hand sanitiser and boot covers. 

The Plumbers are also required to regulary clean their tools with disenfectant after use.

Their will also be questions asked before arriving to site, which includes:

• Are you able to keep a 2 mtr distance at all times while work is carried out

• Asking if anyone in the house hold has been sick or currently sick

• Any overseas travel

• Asking if any of the occupants have compromised immune systems – the Plumbers will wear complete PPE which includes a full body suit.

After Hours Service

We can respond to urgent plumbing problems outside normal working hours with our 24-hour, 7 day After Hours Service. You can contact our After-Hours Plumber on (021) 766-992 (before 7:30am and after 4:30pm)


M.J. Robertson Plumbers:


  • Servicing Christchurch for over 50 years
  • Registered Master Plumbers, fully guaranteed workmanship
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting specialists
  • Friendly qualified staff

We cover all plumbing work, including:

  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing alterations
  • Hot water cylinder installations and repairs
  • Dishwasher plumbing installations
  • Leaks and burst water mains
  • Plumbing installation of baths, vanities, taps, toilet cisterns
  • Waste disposal installation and repairs
  • Spouting and downpipe installation and repairs
  • IQP Registered backflow prevention installation and testing
  • Sheet metal fabrication for tailor-made parapet gutters for replacement on existing industrial and commercial buildings
  • Main pressure hot water conversions to existing plumbing systems
  • Gas water heating installation
  • Heat pump hot water installation and repairs
  • Shower mixer installation and repairs

A picture is worth a thousand words!

So please contact us and email photos of your plumbing problems so we can offer you a more efficient service to save you time and money.

Here are some examples below: