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M.J. Robertson Plumbers has a proud history of serving Christchurch's plumbing needs since 1955, when the company was originally established by Malcolm Robertson.

When Malcolm retired in 1997, present owners Paddy Bohan and Colin Williams bought the company.

Paddy and Colin both had a long connection with the company already, Paddy having joined in 1976 and Colin starting as an apprentice in 1986.

Since 1997, M.J. Robertson Plumbers has expanded considerably - we now have seven plumbers on the road and one apprentice.

With over 50 years in the industry, the company continues to uphold the good reputation that Malcolm Robertson established.

Our commitment to servicing the needs of our customers still remains paramount.

Paddy and Colin are based in the office in Armitage Street and are available to meet clients on-site to discuss any plumbing issues.

With four staff in our office, all calls can be attended to promptly.